Being Careful With What You Eat?

Our diets are very important and need to be monitored for many reasons.  First of all, you want to watch what you eat so that you don’t do damage to your teeth.  Our teeth are very strong and can handle a lot of punishment.  However, if we bite into something hard or something that could cause damage, our teeth might crack or fracture.  When this happens the need for emergency tooth extraction sugar land can become quite real.

emergency tooth extraction sugar land

You also want to be careful with what you eat because it can stain your teeth.  Items such as berries, tea, coffee and candy will have natural or artificial dyes in them.  When these dyes come in contact with your teeth, they will enter into the surface of the teeth causing them to stain.

When we eat foods, we also want to look at the sugar content, artificial colors and flavors that are put into our foods.  With sugar, the compound created when they are consumed will start to react to our teeth enamel.  If the sugar is allowed to remain on our teeth for an extended period of time it will begin to eat away at the protective coating.

With foods with artificial flavors and colors, these are really not good to eat on any occasion.  When they come in contact with our teeth, we are not totally sure of what their impact will be.  This is why it is always good to eat natural foods.

With natural foods we also need to look at what they do to our teeth.  Foods that are high in acid or sugar content can do damage to our teeth as well.  Talking to a dietitian or other health professional will help us understand the foods that we eat and their impact on our teeth and overall health.

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