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Tips For Keeping Your House Clean And Maintained

Once we move into our homes the care and maintenance of your investment starts to kick into high gear.  When living in a home it will start to encounter wear and tear as well as need to be cleaned, maintained and updated from time to time.

Keeping water under control

The first thing that you need to consider is how water effects your home.  Water can cause a lot of damage such as rotting wood, mold and other issues.  This is why using water resistant flooring options should be your top priority.  When using materials resistant to water we are helping to prevent water from collecting and causing damage or creating conditions for mold.

Bacteria and mold

water resistant flooring options

When we introduce water into our environment it is the catalyst for the perfect conditions to grow mold and bacteria.  Mold and bacteria are harmful components that could cause us to become sick and even worse.  Bacteria and mold love cold, moist dark places.  So, keeping water out of these areas will help reduce the growth of mold.

Fans and heaters

Fans and heaters are the tools that you will want to use to remove the water from the environment.  Fans will help to lower the height and depth of water on your floors.  From there the heat will help take these lower levels of water and help to evaporate them.  When using these you want to have windows open so that the moisture has someone to go.  You don’t want to have the water condense and fall back down spreading the moisture throughout you home causing an even larger problem.

Repair damage

When damage occurs you want to fix it as quickly as possible.  When we have damage and we don’t take the time to fix it quickly, the damage can spread and result in more damage that needs to be attended to.