The 411 on Green Cleaning

It’s a phrase you may have heard before in cleaning circles or online, but what is “green cleaning?” This is a fairly simple answer with quite a bit of information that you can consider to decide if you’d like to implement green cleaning solutions in your home or office.

Green cleaning is something that is going to appeal to anyone who is into the idea of being eco-friendly, and you will even find that there all kinds of companies who practice green cleaning solutions in their work practices, including many of the local commercial cleaning services phoenix professionals.

What is Green Cleaning?

Basically, green cleaning involves using cleaning solutions that are friendly to the environment and rely more on natural elements than chemical ones, wherever possible. Many household chemical cleaning solutions are not safe to use around pets or small children, and they can just be damaging to the environment in general.

There was a reason the old-timers in the past used all-natural cleaning solutions in the past: they worked! You can find that you can mix up your own cleaning solutions with items you can find around the house, like baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, and so much more.

How Can I “Clean Green?”

If you would like to try green cleaning practices around your home or office, think about utilizing some of the following tips when it is time to deep clean again:

·    Look for commercial green cleaning products that may be of use to you. These use all natural products, and can be found in many stores. You can find green cleaning products from companies like GreenWorks, Simple Green, and more.

·    A combination of water, vinegar, and olive oil makes a great cleaner for wood surfaces.

·    You can also use a combo of water and vinegar for cleaning glass surfaces like windows, instead of traditional chemical window cleaners.

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When you want to get into green cleaning, keep these ideas written down so you can reference them anytime you need to clean something up, and make sure you continue researching other ways you can clean green. You’ll feel better knowing you’re using all natural solutions and being friendly to the environment.

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